Block YouTube, social media and games. With the turn of a dial.

Myndr for School puts control over the internet in the teacher’s hands. With the turn of a dial, you control what websites the can be accessed online, bringing focus back into the classroom.

De Myndr-Switch

The simplest internet filter for the classroom

The Myndr-dial sits on the wall in the classroom. All you do is turn the dial to a new position, changing the type of internet access. Simple.

The dial and the filter work together. The filter is an extension which is active in the browser used by the students. Dial and extension are connected so that the filter can implement the setting of the dial when it is turned.

It doesn’t matter where the student located - the filter stays connected to the Myndr-switch outside the classroom.

How it works

Myndr for School

Access just those parts of the internet that your class needs - no more and no less. Myndr ensures that students stay on task online when learning. Myndr for School consists of the dial and the filter.

The Myndr-dial

The physical dial in the classroom

With the physical dial that sits on the classroom wall you have control over what parts of the internet your students can access. The dial has five positions - the higher it is turned, the less internet is available.



Quickly block and unblock websites

The filter is an extension installed in the students’ browser. As soon as the dial is turned, the filter updates within 10 seconds to block or unblock specified websites and internet-based services.


What teachers have to say

Day after day Myndr gives hundreds of teaching staff control over the internet to maintain focus in the classroom. The dial ensures peace of mind for teachers, IT staff and school administration.

Myndr gives me so much peace in the class. I can’t do without Myndr anymore!

Annewil Klein-Lenderink Annewil Klein-Lenderink
Teacher of grades 3-4

You can use Myndr also to teach your students step-by-step what they can and can’t be doing online, and to prevent them from searching for things that they really shouldn’t see.

Annemiek van Horssen Annemiek van Horssen
Teacher and ICT specialist

Previous solutions were so radical and offered too many options, but we really didn’t need those. We just needed a straightforward system, simple to use, to allow or block internet categories with a basic action. Period.

Dennis Wesselink Dennis Wesselink

When we kept finding that students persisted in doing things that they weren’t supposed to, we had to do something about it, beyond question.

Sander Gries Sander Gries
Middle school teacher

Online gaming is really appealing when learning remotely from home. Fortunately, our Myndr-dial makes sure that our students can stay focused even during our virtual classes.

Ilone van Dalen Ilone van Dalen
Middle school teacher of grades 5-6 and ICT specialist
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