9 reasons to use Myndr in your classroom

Use only the parts of the internet which you and your class needs. And what you don’t need? Just tune that out.

Learning with no distractions

Myndr lets students work online and offline without being distracted. This ensures a more organized and focused class environment, and more time spent productively.

Adjustable levels of internet access

The five modes can be changed to conform to the needs of your classroom. This way, Myndr fits well into your learning environment and adapts to your teaching style.

Work with more focus

Instead of surveilling through the classroom and making sure your students stay on task, Myndr does that job for you. You can finally get some work done!

Yes, it can be that easy

All of the advantages of an internet filter without the complicated nonsense? Sure - we just did it.

Easy to use and install

The installation of the Myndr dial and filter is done with just a few clicks - no IT experience needed. And it doesn’t require any changes in your school’s internet.

Only the connected devices

Each classroom has its own Myndr dial. Only the devices in that classroom are controlled by that dial. Other classrooms have their own Myndr dial.

Privacy guaranteed

Since Myndr doesn’t track or save student related information, there is no risk of losing data. Any cyberattack that Myndr might be exposed to poses no risks to privacy, because we never collect personal data in the first place.

Make your school internet-responsible

The school can make it a point to show it is taking online safety of its students seriously, and that it is doing everything to keep students on task for better performance.

Developed with schools

The Myndr dial is developed in collaboration with educational professionals. It’s been designed with suggestions from the very teachers for which it is made.

Students can browse and study safely

What doesn’t belong in the classroom doesn’t enter it: advertisements, adult, phishing websites and malware are all immediately blocked by the filter.

Simple tangible interface

Using the dial is effortless and requires no technical expertise. You just walk over to the physical Myndr dial that sits on the wall and adjust the setting. No need for complicated navigating on a computer screen.